Mediation is out of question as Kenya is not in any crisis, says President Kenyatta

MURANG’A COUNTY, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have said Kenyans are the ones mandated to determine their leaders through the ballot and no mediator is required from outside.

Addressing a campaign rally today at Kenol, in Murang’a County, the President and his Deputy said the country is not having any political crisis but only one individual who wants to ascend to power without following the laid down constitutional path.

President Kenyatta said Kenyans are not interested in negotiations adding if Raila wants power he should return back to Kenya and seek votes.

This time round we are telling Kofi Annan you are not welcome in Kenya.The only person to determine who will lead Kenya are the Kenyan people, said President Kenyatta.

The President said Kenyans are no longer interested in any kind of mediation as the Constitution is clear and gives direction on how one can ascend to leadership.

We have a constitution that guides us on how to ascend to power. It clearly states if you want power go to the citizens because the decision of who governs them is theirs, said the President .

The President said Kenyans can no longer allow an individual to hold the country at ransom with unnecessary demands while it was him who had gone to court seeking for fresh elections.

He is the one who went to court seeking nullification of the presidential election. Although we didn’t agree with the verdict we accepted and went back seeking votes from wananchi while the opposition continues to hold press conferences in Nairobi, said the President.

The President pointed out that from the beginning Raila Odinga was not interested in election but was looking for a shortcut to ascend to the leadership of this country.

He never wanted election and he still does not want the coming election.

The President said Raila is the cause of the ongoing demonstrations with intent to causing chaos so that he can have away of negotiating for a coalition government.

He has gone abroad to beg the international community to come negotiate peace while he is the one causing problems by inciting people to cause chaos, said President Kenyatta.

He has been calling for protest that have lead to looting and destruction of property. He wanted to take us back into the politics of 2007-2008 but we resisted he added.

The Deputy President told opposition leader to stop being selfish by putting his political ambitions above the interest of Kenyans.

The affairs of Kenya are not affairs of an individual or a single party but of 45 Million Kenyans said the Deputy President.

The Deputy President said Mr Raila was now seeking international support with the aim of negotiating a power sharing deal on his behalf.

We are telling our friend Raila, it doesn’t matter how many cities you will visit, there will be no more negotiations on power sharing, the only negotiation will be with the people of Kenya going to ballot he said.

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria said Muranga residents must make sure 100% voter turnout to guarantee President Kenyatta gets a decisive victory.

Muranga Senator Irungu Khang’ata said, There are 80,000 people who did not vote on August 8 polls, we have put in place measures to ensure 100% voter turnout.

Senator Khangata said the election amendament Bill passed by both houses will enable the country to hold a smooth election.

We want you to sign into law the election amendment act to ensure the country doesn’t face similar challenges as happened on the August election, he added.

Murang’a MP’s Alice Wahome ( Kandara), Engineer Nduati Njogu (Gatanga), Peter Kimari (Mathioya), Muturi Kigano (Kangema) and Mary Waithera ( Maragua) assured the President of large turnout of voters to affirm him as their choice on October 26fresh polls.

Also present were the Kieni MP Kanini Kega who said Kenyans are ready to affirm their choice of President Kenyatta on the October 26 polls.

Source: The President