MCAs Plan Motion to Censure Irungu

The Laikipia assembly will debate a motion to impeach Governor Joshua Irungu over alleged abuse of office.

Umande MCA Mwangi Maruga tabled a notice of impeachment on Wednesday, accusing Irungu of violating procurement regulations and financial mismanagement.

The governor has denied the allegations.

Speaker Patrick Mariru said the motion clearly stated the grounds for impeachment and met constitutional requirements.

He said more than a third of the members supported the motion by signing the verification form.

However, there was a heated exchange after Githiga MCA Peter Thomi read a statement claiming he and 13 other representatives had not signed the motion.

“Mr Speaker, this is a case of forgery,” he said.

“I can state categorically that I and several other members did not sign the verification form.”

Thomi said he wished to withdraw.

The speaker ruled that the standing orders are clear that the signatures could not be withdrawn.

However, the members are free to support any side during the debate on the motion, he said.

According to the assembly’s rules, the motion will be placed on the order paper after seven days and MCAs will have to debate it within three days.

The speaker said the assembly will proceed with the motion strictly guided by both the substantive laws as well as the procedural laws.