MCA to use black magic to stop runaway land grabbing in Kwale

An MCA in Kwale County has vowed to use black magic and sorcery to stop rampant land grabbing in the area he claimed had dispossessed locals.

The Kasemeni Ward MCA, Antony Yama said residents will no longer sit back and watch as cartels of land grabbers comprising non-locals recklessly disposes them of their land

He said they will passionately resist any further infringement on their land rights by any means necessary, including unorthodox ways to deal with the grabbers

We’ll do whatever it takes to stop this madness of having our land taken away while our people continue to live as squatters, said Yama.

He added that even if it means unleashing charms which their forefathers used in the past, they will do it so as to rid the county of the tyranny of grabbers

The witches will use their magical powers to either make the grabbers flee or even die, he threatened.

An angry Yama said he was already fully armed with an army of witchdoctors, who are helping him to curb the land grabbing menace in his ward and urged his fellow MCAs to borrow a leaf from him.

Yama was speaking during Wednesday’s County Assembly sitting which adjourned a Motion seeking among other things, to have all ongoing land adjudication, settlement schemes and leases stopped in the region and subjected to audit with a view to remedy social inequalities.

The motion moved by Majority Leader MCA, Raia Mkungu, was adjourned on grounds that it raises weighty issues that require more time for further consultations.

The Mwereni MCA, Manza Beja said the Motion lacked clarity and sufficient provisions that would enable the executive to implement it.

Mkungu who is also the Ramisi MCA and Lands Committee Chairman, said the many unresolved historical land injustices prompted him to come up with the Motion.

According to him, some of his colleagues did not quite understand the Motion hence their opposing views.

The Deputy Speaker, Andrew Mulei said the Motion is important to Kwale people but deferred it to a later date to allow stakeholders to engage further over it.

Source: Kenya News Agency