Mbura Defends Joho Over ‘Missing’ Sh496 Million

Mombasa nominated Senator Emma Mbura yesterday defended Governor Hassan Joho over the Sh496 million that the county has allegedly not accounted for.

Mbura has been the governor’s critic.

She said after going through the Auditor General’s report over the same money and getting an explanation from the governor, she deduced that no money was lost.

“What happened is that the money received by the county government was used in other county matters without following due procedure,” Mbura said.

She spoke to the Star on the phone.

Mbura said the money collected by the county government was banked in the county revenue account, from where it was supposed to be taken to the Central Bank.

“But the person who was to authorise the use of that money delayed and the county officers instead used the money without his authority,” she said.

The senator said the county has its own budget, including bills and other things to do, that cannot be delayed.

The audit report is already with the Senate Finance Committee, which is expected to summon Joho, she said.

“We spoke and he told me he will be happy to appear before the committee to explain himself because he believes no shilling was lost,” Mbura said.

She urged residents to be patient and wait for a report from the Senate committee.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar questioned the unaccounted for money during an Iftar dinner he hosted at Fort Jesus in Mombasa three weeks ago.

He demanded an explanation into how the money was used.