Mauritius: National Day 2016 – Prime Minister Addresses the Student Community

In his message addressed to students on the occasion of National Day Celebrations 2016 the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, outlined that the provision of quality education leveraged by digital technologies in all educational institutions will play a crucial role in achieving our socio-economic goals.

We want our country to achieve progress and for that to happen it is important to bring in changes, he said.

“Education has been brought at the centre stage today because it is at the core of all competitiveness and success. It is the catalytic lever that fuels the engine of the economy and national development”, he recalled.

Sir Anerood Jugnauth elaborated on Government’s commitment to bring forward bold educational reforms such as the Nine Year Schooling. The aim is to redefine the country’s educational system that will place learners at the centre of the teaching and learning process, through cutting edge e-Learning tools enabled by ultra-high speed internet connectivity, he stated.

According to the Prime Minister the youth of the country are the Millennium generation and are strongly connected in this high-tech world and highly forward-looking.

“You are good at setting goals for yourselves and, to help you attain these, my Government will make sure that appropriate and in-time facilities are made available in our learning institutions”, he said. On that score all secondary schools in Mauritius and Rodrigues will by 2017 be endowed with free broadband Internet access over WIFI networks.

It is important that the youth develops a sense of belongingness towards the country which starts by a sense of belongingness towards education. We want the youth to become proud citizens of the country and imbued with a sense of devotion and work for the prosperity of the Republic of Mauritius, he said.

Sir Anerood urged on the student community to continue to take advantage of the sound education environment which is suitable for their personal development from a very young age.

“We are blessed to be living in a Republic that is recognised everywhere as a democratic and stable State, and where all cultures coexist in perfect harmony, and all this is greatly due to education”, he added.

Source: AllAfrica