Matatu Operators distance themselves from a matatu that hit a police vehicle

National Association of Matatu Operators has distanced itself from the incident that led to the hitting of a police vehicle by a matatu in the Central Business District of Nairobi Sunday.

Speaking to the press in Malindi Monday, the Chairman of the association, Jimal Ibrahim Hassan, said matatu owners should not be held accountable, neither should they be victimized for the incident that was done by matatu drivers and conductors along Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

Mr. Jimal Hassan said, We are saddened by what happened yesterday, he said adding that was an affair of matatu drivers and conductors, because no matatu owner was involved and we are urging the police to hold the driver and conductor of the said matatu culpable and confiscate their licenses immediately.

He also said it is impunity by the police and NTSA officers to take advantage of Sunday’s misconduct by a single driver, to harass and detain matatus instead of arresting the suspect who carelessly hit the police patrol car while reversing.

The chairman said matatu owners have the duty of employing qualified and licensed drivers and conductors, while NTSA has the mandate of vetting and issuing them licenses, hence the government is taking part in approving unqualified drivers and conductors.

However, Jimal warned matatu owners to be very vigilant by doing daily follow up of their vehicles because some drivers collude with conductors to carry non-passengers to routes that are unknown by the owners.

Source: Kenya News Agency