Marsabit residents welcome Supreme Court verdict on presidential poll

Residents of Marsabit County have expressed their support for the validation of President Kenyatta’s re-election during the October 26 repeat poll by the Supreme Court of Kenya.

The residents received the announcement which they had waited for with abated breath with elation, terming the verdict as professional and well thought-out.

The Marsabit Central MCA, Hassan Wako said in a press conference at KNA office in Marsabit town on Monday that the political stalemate was doing the country harm.

Wako urged Kenyans to support the Jubilee administration in uniting and developing the country now that the court has upheld the election of President Kenyatta.

He pointed out that the Supreme Court’s verdict had validated the win by President Kenyatta, adding that everybody should abide by the ruling in order to pave way for reconciliation and healing of the nation.

The county assembly member noted that the political standoff was impacting negatively on the economy as it scared away investors and tourists who earn the country the much needed foreign exchange.

This verdict has renewed our hope and we are now waiting to see the functions of the government restored back to normal so that the country can move forward, he said.

At the same time, Wako appealed to the opposition to learn to abide by the law on which democracy and stability of the nation is anchored.

He pointed out that the decision of Chief Justice, David Maraga led Supreme Court had attested to the independence of the judiciary and the professional manner in which it went about its work.

He also commended the Jubilee administration for ensuring that residents of Marsabit who have been facing drought did not starve as they were provided with relief food, water and hay for their livestock despite the challenges caused by the political impasse.

This was not about the presidential election petition but that God has answered our prayers, he said and hailed President Kenyatta for proving that he respects democracy.

Source: Kenya News Agency