Manufacturers urge Kenyans to support ban on plastic, conserve environment

The BURN Manufacturers, the makers of the jikokoa energy saving stove, have urged Kenyans to welcome the move by the government to ban the use of plastic bags in the country and support its implementation.

Speaking to the press from their offices in Ruiru on Monday, the Company’s Marketing Manager, Weslene Orwoba lauded the government’s move, saying that they supported it fully as one of the leading environment conservers in the country.

Orwoba said that the move was a signal of hope in nurturing an environmentally cognizant society and that the government has shown a clear indication and support of the company’s efforts.

We are pioneers in conservation of the environment since 2003 and we are delighted that the government has taken such a move at this time when the country’s state of environment is not pleasing, she said.

The manager also said that from the recent health crisis where several cholera cases were reported across the country due to polluted environmental resources like water, there was need to act fast in implementing such a ban.

She added that their products were environmental friendly and that the stoves required very little charcoals and wood, a clear indication that they do not encourage massive cutting down of trees.

Orwoba has however, revealed that BURN has partnered with microfinance institutions such as M-KOPA, Equity Bank, KWFT- Kenya Women Finance Trust to ensure that low income families in Kenya accessed the jikokoa.

She said that they aimed at reaching every corner of the country as they were currently in Eastern, Coast, Mt. Kenya Region and the Rift with their sales contributing a substantial amount to the Kenyan economy.

According to the Burn Production Manager, Allan Muhoro Muriithi, jikokoa burns at over 1,000 degrees Celsius and that all the charcoal was burnt up which reduced particulate matter that contributed to environmental pollution from carbon monoxide, a contributor to climate change.

Since 2013, Kenyan families have bought over 300, 000 jikokoas meaning we have saved 1, 092, 915 tons of wood and reduced 1,9m tons of carbon dioxide. It cuts on charcoal use by up to half, saving Kenyans 60% on charcoal costs, he added.

Source: Kenya News Agency