Mandera police intercept 33 stolen donkeys

Police in Mandera have intercepted 33 donkeys they believe were stolen from two different locations in the county.

The donkeys were intercepted at a police road block at Salah within Mandera East Sub County.

Mandera East OCPD Ezekiel Sing’oe who was speaking to the press on Monday said the beasts of burden were stolen from Farey and parts of Libehia ward.

The donkeys were in a truck and were headed to Nairobi before police stopped the truck and arrested four suspects including the driver, the other three were a woman, a non-local and two men who were acting as brokers, said the OCPD.

The OCPD said the incident was the first of its kind.

The suspects are being held at Mandera police station as police conclude investigations to arraign them in court.

Source: Kenya News Agency