Mandera on high alert over Rift Valley Fever

Mandera is on high alert over outbreak of Rift Valley Fever that has claimed four lives in the neighbouring Wajir County.

County Public Health officer, Abukar Abdi Sheikh while speaking to the press on Tuesday said the County government has put intervention measures to curb an outbreak of the killer disease.

The measures have been up scaled especially in Kuttullo, Mandera South and Mandera West Sub-counties and also Wajir.

Five blood samples were last Friday sent to Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for analysis after a few people showed signs of the disease.

Abukar said there is no cause for alarm but the disease has reached an alert stage prompting his department to launch a public awareness campaign.

The public health department in Mandera is keenly watching movement of livestock across the porous border with Somalia.

Abukar said his department is mostly worried of Somalia and Ethiopia, where the health sector is not up to date.

We are keenly observing movement of livestock across the border with Somalia and Ethiopia, as there might be spread of the disease without our knowledge, said Abukar.

He asked residents to report any cases of people with fluid oozing from their body, yellowness of the eyes and fever.

He said the blood test will be diagnosed to check yellow fever, dengue, rift valley fever and Ebola.

Source: Kenya News Agency