Man who climbed a 60 meter mast to chew miraa charged with attempted suicide

A man who Sunday shocked many by climbing a 60metre communication mast and started chewing miraa for hours in Embu town, was slapped with attempted suicide charges before an Embu court, to which he pleaded guilty.

Antony Murimi Njagi 25, was charged before Embu Resident magistrate Juliana Ndengeri that on June 10, in Embu town, he attempted to kill himself by climbing to the top of a mobile telephone service provider Safaricom’s booster mast and threatened to jump down.

He also faced another charge of trespassing into a private property.

He will however remain in prison custody until June 18, as the magistrate goes through the probation officer’s report before delivering judgment.

The court heard how he ignored persuasion by a team of police officers, and continued to chew miraa for over 12 hours.

He is said to have stripped his underpant and even started urinating at onlookers, despite pleas by police officers and residents for him to descend.

He is also said to have threatened to jump off the mast, but late in the day, fire rescue teams from Embu and Meru County managed to bring him down using ropes.

He was then taken to Embu Level Five hospital, examined and later charged.

Source: Kenya News Agency