Man on methadone therapy dies of drug overdose

A man died on Saturday from a cocktail of drugs in Kwale County.

The deceased identified as Idd Harun, 26, was among drug addicts benefiting from a government sponsored rehabilitation programme launched in October, this year.

He reportedly took a concoction of heroin and methadone.

The rehabilitation involves undergoing Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) through which methadone is being administered to addicts at Kombani Clinic. Methadone drug is the most effective in drug addiction detoxification.

The death was confirmed by Teens Watch Director, Cosmas Maina who described it as drug-related caused by a combination of heroin and methadone.

It is very sad that we have lost one of the beneficiaries of the rehabilitation programme under such circumstances, Maina, an anti-drugs activist, said.

He added that the incident should serve as a lesson to other drug users in the area which is grappling with a serious drug menace that has ruined the lives of many youths.

Methadone, is classified as anti-addictive and works by reducing the craving for drugs like heroin.

According to Maina, the therapy is usually given out to the addicts and dosage is based on the perceived level of a person’s physical addiction.

He cautioned drug users already undergoing methadone treatment to refrain from further substance abuse if the therapy is to bear fruits.

Maina said the methadone facility is the first of its kind in the county catering for about 200 addicts daily mainly from Ukunda and Tiwi areas which are the hardest hit by the vice.

The detoxification drug is administered under the watchful eye of a medic after which the addicts are able to go about their daily business without drug cravings.

Source: Kenya News Agency