Man jailed for defiling minor

A 27 year -old man was today jailed for 15 years by a Narok Court after he was found guilty of defiling a 17 year-old schoolgirl.

Geoffrey Mutai had appeared before Narok Chief Magistrate (CM), Ms. Wilbroda Juma charged with defiling the minor on April 3, 2015 at Enelerai village in Mulot area, Narok West.

He also faced an alternative charge of indecently assaulting the minor by touching her private parts but this charge expired after he was convicted of the main charge of defilement, in accordance with the law.

The court heard that the accused, who was a neighbour, initiated a love relationship with the minor then she moved into his house where they cohabited and engaged in a sexual relationship for about a month before the girl’s parents intervened and took her away while the man was arrested.

In her judgment, the CM said the prosecution had proved their case beyond reasonable doubt noting the facts of the case were well-corroborated and did not leave any loose ends in the case.

All the evidence in the case weighs heavily on the accused. Although he said he does not know the girl, he has not questioned the girl or the witnesses on this matter. So it’s my finding that the accused knows the girl and had a sexual relationship with her, she said.

In his defense, Mutai had denied the charges, saying he had never seen the complainant until when he saw her being brought to his house by her parents and a group of people who arrested him.

In mitigation, he pleaded for leniency, saying he was an orphan and the sole breadwinner of his siblings who were bound to suffer if he was jailed.

Juma said she noted the mitigation but the law did not have mercy on perpetrators of such vices as it seeks to protect young vulnerable girls from sexual exploitation by people like the accused.

She reminded the accused of his right of appeal in 14 days.

This comes after a 34 year -old man was charged before the same court this week for allegedly defiling and impregnating his 14 year-old step-daughter.

Earlier, the same court sentenced a 24 year -old man to serve 15 years in jail after he was found guilty of defiling a 17-year-old schoolgirl.

Police annual crime report released in March in 2016 shows there was a 40 per cent increase in the number of incest cases in 2015.

There was also an increase in other morality offenses such as defilement, sodomy, bestiality, bigamy and indecent assault.

Defilement, which remains the leading form of morality crime, shot to 4, 495 in 2015 from 3, 685 in 2014.

The report indicates that the number of incest and defilement cases could be higher as some people preferred to settle the matter out of court.

In 2006, Parliament passed the Sexual Offences Act which offers stricter offenses to sexual offenders but this does not seem to have done much to reduce this offense.

A police crime report shows that over 6, 000 cases of defilement were reported and filed in court in the country in 2016.

Source: Kenya News Agency