Man gets 20 years for defiling neighbour’s daughter

A man who allegedly defiled his neighbour’s primary school daughter after luring her into his house with Sh.50 has been sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment by a Kiambu Court on Friday.

The accused, Kenneth Lumumba who defiled the 15 year old minor at Gachie after putting his radio on top volume was convicted and sentenced by Kiambu Principal Magistrate (PM), Ms Stella Atambo who found him guilty of defiling the minor in 2015.

My mother is aged and from the time I was arrested, she fell sick and is now in a coma he told the magistrate.

Particulars of the offence are that on the December 8, 2015 at around 22.00 hours in Gachie, he intentionally and unlawfully had carnal knowledge of a juvenile aged 15 years.

He faced an alternative charge of committing an indecent act with a minor contrary to section 11(1) of the sexual offences Act No.3 of 2006.

She said that he had been very economical with the truth and that he had not been aided by the lapse in the medical examination of the complainant who was examined after almost three days.

At the time of testifying, the complainant was a standard 7 pupil who knew and identified the accused as her father’s neighbor.

That she and her siblings and mother would visit her father in Nairobi from upcountry occasionally when on school holidays and would sometimes ran errands for the accused like fetching water since he did not live with his family.

The court heard that the accused would sometimes appreciate the girl by giving her little tokens and her parents were aware of this.

Dr. Mary Wambui Njoroge from Kihara sub-county hospital confirmed to the court vide the P3 from which she produced that she had examined the complainant and there had been sexually assaulted

Put on his defense, the accused only told the court that the father of the complainant had a grudge with him which resulted from a business deal that flopped and was avenging.

He also alleged in court that the father of the complainant had been having a love affair with his wife way back in 2010 and that he was being framed. He was given 14 days to appeal.

Source: Kenya News Agency