Man found with government property

Pharmacy and Poisons board on Tuesday arrested a man who was in possession of Government labeled medicines and hospital garments.

The man was also allegedly accused of ripping off government labels from the garments and selling them as plain clothes to unsuspecting citizens.

He was further accused of replacing original medicine with fake tablets and packing them in different medicine containers with fake labels for the purpose of selling.

Speaking to the press at the crime scene in Parklands area of Nairobi, Pharmacy and poisons board Head of Crime Investigation and Enforcement Unit Dennis Otieno said that the suspect is not authorised to handle such huge amounts of medicines.

It is not allowed for anyone who is not registered as a pharmacist or doctor to be in possession of medicines, especially at his or her residential home, said Otieno.

The suspect was also found with stamps, which according to Otieno, he might be using to alter the expiry and manufacturing dates of the medicines and then sell them to unsuspecting members of the public.

We have also found grounded white powder, and we suspect that the accused manufactures his own medicine as well as grinding some Antiretroviral Drugs (ARVs), and sells them to herbalists, he said

According to Otieno, the powdered stuff that is yet to be established, they suspect is used to replace genuine medicine or even mix it.

The suspect was arrested and taken to police custody for questioning, awaiting further investigations.

Otieno said his team will quantify the worth of the medicine once it is assessed, but urged the public to exercise caution and only buy medicine from registered pharmacists or registered institutions.

He also called on the public to work with his office and report suspicious individuals to the pharmacy and poisons board or the police.

Source: Kenya News Agency