Man charged in court for biting a cop

A 30-year-old man charged with assault and transmission of HIV virus after he allegedly bit a police officer’s thumb, while resisting arrest has denied committing the offence, before a Kericho court.

Court Clerk read the first charge, to the accused, stating that, on February27, 2018, at Kebeneti Trading Centre, within Soin/Sigowet sub-county, he assaulted a police constable who was executing his duties, at the time.

The second charge, stated that he deliberately transmitted a life threatening sexually related disease, while having actual knowledge that he was infected with the HIV virus.

The prosecution further noted that the accused had stopped presenting himself in court for the hearing of his case, soon after being released on a cash bail of Sh.10,000, and a warrant of arrest was issued.

On the material day at around midnight, police officers on patrol, managed to trace the accused’s whereabouts, at a house at Kebeneti Trading center.

The accused bit the police officer’s right hand thumb, while being handcuffed. The accused was contained and escorted to Sondu police station, where he was charged with the offenses.

The accused, Erick Mutai, who appeared before Kericho chief magistrate, Samuel Mokua, also has a pending assault case, where he was charged in 2016 before the court.

The police officer sought treatment at Soin/Sigowet sub-county hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment on post-exposure prophylaxis medication to prevent exposure to the HIV virus.

The accused is currently being held in remand, at the Kericho GK main prison, after the court cancelled his cash bail. The case is set for mention, on 15 March, 2018.

Source: Kenya News Agency