Man believed to have drowned found alive

A man neighbours and relatives believed had drowned after falling into a well on Sunday in Rachuonyo was found alive in a nearby trading centre on Tuesday.

Akeyo Ogutu, 45, who is mentally unstable was found roaming at Miruka trading centre after two days of efforts by friends and relatives to retrieve his body from a 50-feet-deep well in Kamuya village Homabay County.

The efforts to get the body out were complicated because the well was full of water, and nobody wanted to risk diving in to confirm the presence of the body.

On Monday, the Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD), Patrick Onsando confirmed reports from Kamuya village, Kojwach West location that a man drowned in the well at 6 pm Sunday and efforts were being made to retrieve the body.

On Tuesday, the residents hired a generator to pump out water to allow for the search but the efforts were a challenge as the water was gushing out very fast.

But while they were at it, word reached the search group that the man they were searching for had been spotted roaming in Miruka trading centre.

In shock and disbelief, they continued to remove the water but also sent some youth to the trading centre to confirm the report.

Paul Ochieng Odete, a spiritual healer and owner of the home where the incident happened, said Akeyo was brought to his home to seek spiritual healing for his mental condition.

On Sunday at 6pm, I sent him to bring water from the well but he never came back, he said.

Ochieng, who lives alone, said he went to the well to check why Akeyo had not brought water back only to find the basin that was to be used to carry water near the well and without water.

He said he assumed the man had fallen into the well and raised alarm seeking help from the residents.

Source: Kenya News Agency