Man Arrested for Growing Bhang

Police in Narok West Sub County have arrested a 45 year man for growing bhang with estimated street value of over Sh.10 million on his five-acre farm at Orkinyei village.

David Ochieng was last evening nabbed by the police after a tip off from members of the public who grew suspicious at the manner he was guarding his maize plantation.

We received information from the locals that the man vigilantly guarded his farm while armed with crude weapons prompting us to investigate what he was protecting so dearly. We monitored him together with Nyumba Kumi elders and discovered he was hiding something, said area Chief James Parsena.

The suspect inter-cropped the cannabis sativa with maize and beans deep in the farm and never allowed anyone to work in his farm making it difficult to notice anything unusual.

Owing to the size of the farm, it took the locals jointly with the police over three hours uprooting the illegal plants which were hauled in two police vehicles and taken to Ololung’a police station as exhibit.

Chief Parsena said the discovery was shocking as the local community had never seen bhang and warned locals against leasing out their land to people who are undertaking illegal activities.

The suspect who appeared unshaken upon interrogation by police revealed that he has been selling the crop in neighboring towns such as Narok and Kisumu in bulk.

According to area OCPD Maalim Farah, the amount of the bhang was likely to destroy many lives especially of the youth in the country adding that the suspect will face deserving punishment by law.

We thank the locals who tipped us on this issue in confidence that made us arrest the suspect. We have since handed the suspect over to the anti-narcotics investigators for further interrogation, said the OCPD.

He said the police planned on how to nab the suspect over the weekend and embarked on the operation on Monday morning and they ambushed the suspect at his farm.

We were informed that there was a man who was believed to be growing bhang at his five-acre piece of the land. We ambushed him with over 10 officers. He tried to escape but with the help of the locals we managed to arrest him, said Farah.

Recently, a Kenyan petitioned the Senate to push for bhang to be legalized in the country. Gwada Ogot, from Siaya County, argued in part that the plant � scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa � has multiple documented benefits.

He said the medicinal and industrial uses of the plant, upon its legalization, will be of ‘great social and economic gains’. Section 3 (2) (a) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act lists cannabis as a banned substance. The law states that possession or personal use of the drug is criminal.

Source: Kenya News Agency