Malindi police nab duo with four sacks of bang

Police in Malindi have arrested two people who were found with four sacks of bhang with a market value of about Sh 360,000 in a house in Furunzi area of Malindi Sub County.

Confirming the arrests ,Malindi deputy OCPD Mr. Mike Njeru said, the police officers who were on patrol last night got a tip off from members of public that a certain house was storing the stuff hence, today morning ransacked the house and found the four sucks of bhang containing 108 big rolls, 310 small rolls and 6 kilograms of dry leaves and also arrested the suspects who are relatives.

Speaking to the press in his office, Mr. Njeru said; we have never found a huge amount of bhang like that recently and therefore, it would help the police to curb drug abuse in Malindi town.

He also said the suspects will be taken to court immediately investigations are completed.

Source: Kenya News Agency