Maize prices fall

The price of dry maize in Mumias town and its environs has gone down to Sh90 from S40 per two Kilograms previously.

Farmers in the area started harvesting the cereal two weeks ago and the produce has now hit the market, making the price of the popular meal in the area to go down.

A spot check by KNA established that some farmers were selling a 90kg bag at

Sh2, 800, half the price of the same measure two weeks ago.

Farmers who spoke to KNA at Harambee market along the Mumias- Bungoma highway said they were selling the maize cheaply in order to buy other basic needs for their families.

They said this year enjoyed favourable weather and they were expecting a bumper harvest unlike last year where they experienced changes in the weather that led to shortage of maize flour while maize price skyrocketed.

Traders in the area are selling a two kilogram measure of beans at between S50 and Sh200 depending on the variety while a similar measure of groundnuts is selling at Sh320.

Sorghum is selling at S10 per kg, millet Sh200 while indigenous green vegetables and fruits are plenty in the market at good prices.

Meanwhile, leading supermarkets in Mumias town have run out of the government subsidized maize flour.

Source: Kenya News Agency