Luhya community in Mombasa opposed to street demos

A section of the Luhya community residing in Mombasa County is opposed to street demonstrations to force reforms and personnel changes at IEBC ahead of the scheduled October 26 repeat presidential poll.

The community members who addressed the press in Mombasa on Monday also warned opposition leader, Raila Odinga over his hard stance on the IEBC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ezra Chiloba.

Led by their spokesman, Joseph Makokha, they said they won’t be part of the weekly street demos to force the embattled CEO out of office.

Chiloba is a member of our community and it would be foolhardy for us to blindly support demonstrations meant to force one of us out of office illegally, he said in Mombasa.

He said they have taken a stand as a community to resist the temptation to join the opposition in anti-IEBC street protests which he said is counterproductive.

Makokha said the street protests will not solve the current political stalemate in the country but plunge the nation further into political uncertainties.

His sentiments were echoed by Stephen Mandela a university students’ leader who cautioned the youth against hitting the streets and causing violence.

Mandela warned the opposition leaders over their push for the removal of the CEO from office saying the move would deny them Luhya community support in the elections.

Raila has sustained his call for Chiloba’s removal from office due to his alleged role in the bungled August 8 general elections.

Meanwhile, the government has banned protests in the city centres of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, citing lawlessness during the demonstrations.

Source: Kenya News Agency