Lokichoggio Villagers Kill And Eat Rogue Hyena

Residents of Nachuchukait village in Lokichoggio area of Turkana County killed and feasted on a hyena they claimed to have decimated their goats.

Angry villagers avenged the loss of their livestock and pets mostly dogs which they claimed the notorious beast has been habitually poaching during the night for the last one year.

Andrew Silale, a resident of Lokichoggio Town who witnessed the incident said the rogue hyena was morning found confused and lurching on the roadside in a drunken stupor after the beast raided an illicit brew den on Monday night where the animal quaffed a local brew known as kaada.

The excited mob reportedly proceeded to set upon the animal with crude weapons and thereafter slaughtered and carried off chunks of the carcass to consume at their homes.

One of the villagers identified as Peter Kapoko averred hyenas are edible and the meat tastes no different from goat meat.

The hapless beast is said to have been playing hide and seek with the villagers for the last one year by roaming the villages at night and killing their livestock with the latest incident being last week when it killed and ate a dog from the village.

Villagers who had tried time and again to track the animal down without success ended up nicknaming the hyena Epuchoit in Turkana language to imply the animal had become a fellow of the local clan.

Contacted, officers at the KWS Lodwar station said the matter had not been brought to their attention but promised to investigate.

By Kizito Maruti