Local leaders mount pressure to impeach governor

Pressure is piling on MCAs to impeach Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba over poor services.

Led by Endebbes MP Dr. Robert Pokose, they accused the governor of rendering poor services to residents since the time he was re-elected to the county’s highest office.

Pukose said Khaemba had failed the devolved unit in terms of development, with most of his flagship projects grinding to a halt owing to massive graft in his government.

Nothing is happening in this county and when we complain, we are told that we are playing politics against the governor. How can we keep quiet when graft has taken center stage at the expense of development? posed the MP in a church service at Endebbes Sunday.

On the list of complain is the poor state of health facilities in the region, which have been characterized by under-staffing, with each sub county hospital having only one medical doctor to serve a large catchment area.

According to the legislator, patients were suffering for lack of specialists at the facilities to handle equipment.

Leaders in the region have also taken issue with acquisition of a hospital building that was meant to be converted into a teaching and referral hospital.

Area senator Michael Mbito has in the past been opposed to the purchase of the referral hospital which he has termed as a cash cow.

According to Pukose, MCAs should now remove the governor from office constitutionally, by impeaching him.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa speaking at a separate function at Birunda also decried poor services by the devolved unit but promised to offer better services if elected in office in 2022.

I have been crisscrossing the county as I eye the gubernatorial seat, only to be met with frequent complaints from residents about the myriad of challenges they are facing, but whenever we call the governor, his phone goes unanswered, he said.

In a past function, Mbito had called for the arrest of Khaemba for alleged misappropriation of funds at the expense of service delivery.

The call to impeach the governor also coincides with another campaign on social media dubbed #arrestKhaemba being spearheaded by civil rights groups in the region, who want the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to probe him on graft allegations.

The groups say they have evidence implicating the governor in a series of cases of graft being perpetuated by his close allies, mostly consultants, who have amassed a lot of wealth since he assumed power.

They are also supporting lifestyle audit on the governor, his family, close relatives and business allies who have been given special treatment when it comes to the payment of contractors.

Source: Kenya News Agency