Lobby group asks senator to push for oil anti corruption rule

Turkana empowerment advocacy group has asked Turkana county senator Malachy Ekal to lobby for OIL ANTI-CORRUPTION RULE in respect to natural resources corruption.

In a statement, the group said the resource curse is a paradoxical situation where countries with abundant natural resources, such as oil and gas suffer from corruption and low levels of human development.

In such countries, communities around oil projects bear the majority of the negative impacts of extraction, but get little benefits.

Due to mismanagement and corruption, billions of shillings in resource wealth like crude oil disappear into the pockets of corrupt government ministries and political elites, the group said.

The anti-corruption rule requires that companies report payments made

to governments, such as taxes, royalties and concession fees, for individual projects.

They further aver that disclosure of these payments allow citizens to better hold their government officials and companies accountable for the resource extraction that takes place in their country,

Empowered with information about oil company payments to governments, citizens can ensure that natural resource revenues are used to promote the development of all citizens, rather than siphoned away to benefit a few political elites, the group said.

They continued these disclosures help to avoid any ambiguity in claims between governments and companies on the amounts paid, with the net result ensuring that citizens are accurately informed about how revenues are being used or misused, they added.

They are calling on the Turkana senator to introduce the bill, saying this will protect the natural resource at all costs.

Turkana oil must benefit Turkana people first, they said.

The national and county governments are currently in a stalemate over how much revenue should be allocated to the community.

While the county government has proposed a 10 percent revenue share for the community, the national government has proposed that five percent goes to the community.

Senator malachy Ekal has been asked to push for oil anti corruption rule in the senate.

Source: Kenya News Agency