Lion Kills Cattle And Goats

Residents of Vitengeni Division in Ganze Sub County are living in fear of a rogue lion roaming the area attacking and killing herds of cattle and goats.

Speaking to KNA on telephone on Monday, a village elder from Girimacha area in Malanga village, Mwahera location, Kitsao Birya said the rogue lion had killed two cows and five goats so far.

Birya added that the roaming lion had attacked and killed one cow and two goats at Matano manne village about 1km from the Vitengeni division Assistant deputy County Commissioner’s office two weeks ago.

He said the matter had been reported to Kenya Wildlife Service personnel in the area who moved in and set up a trap to net the lion without success.

The killer animal is still causing threats to the residents, in particular scaring away children who wake up early in the morning to go to Vitengeni, Mwahera, Madamani, Ziwani, and Dzikunze primary schools.

The village elder called on the KWS personnel to find ways and means to protect the residents and their livestock or else the villagers would be forced to arm themselves with bows and poisoned arrows to kill the problematic animal.

The Malindi KWS Senior Warden, Mrs. Jane Gitau said Ganze Sub-County was not part of her administrative area but she will team up with the officer in charge there to trap the lion.

She however, said that in case the lion will not be trapped KWS personnel would be forced to shoot and kill it in order to protect the people and their livestock.

Source: Kenya News Agency