Limuru Woman’s Planned Supper That Never Was

A woman who died on arrival at the Kenyatta National Hospital after a road accident at Manguo, Limuru, on Sunday, wanted to have supper with her father-in-law.

Mercy Njeri, 38, requested her husband Martin Mbugua that they visit his parents in Murengati village in the afternoon after they left church.

The couple lived in Umoja estate, Nairobi.

Njeri said they would travel back to the city at night.

Speaking in his home after he was discharged from Tigoni Subcounty Hospital, Mbugua said they left the PCEA Umoja at 3pm.

“After the service, we returned home and rested then she suggested we drive home to see my parents. I was disturbed as we had not informed them that we would visit,” he said.

“We didn’t argue much. We went shopping and then started the journey.”

Mbugua said when they arrived at Rironi, Njeri called her mother-in-law Josephine Wanjiku to inform her they were on their way.

“We started discussing the meeting at home, but after a few minutes while at Manguo, we saw a Range Rover Sports overtaking and she said: ‘Can you see how this car is being driven?'” he said.

Mbugua said those were the last words his wife uttered.

He said while in hospital, he heard Njeri scream, asking where he was and if he was alright.

Mbugua’s father Peter Ndung’u called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure the family gets justice.

“We are hearing different stories every day. We are worried about how the case will be treated in our courts because we fear they might listen to the wrong story,” Ndung’u said.