Lighting project to restore security in Market Centres

Kisii county government has embarked on a project to light up public markets in major markets to restore security.

Launched by the County’s Deputy Governor, Joash Maangi on Friday, the project will enable residents to conduct their business until late in the night.

Addressing the media in Kisii town, Maangi said the county government was committed to ensuring there was an enabling environment to do business.

He said his government will collaborate with the national government to improve security, which is a priority need for businesses to thrive.

He added that as a county government, they are willing to deliver their promises made during campaigns to Kisii residents without discrimination.

Residents said the market lighting project will assist common Mwananchi to transact their businesses until late in the night as security will be guaranteed.

Some of the major market centres that are set to benefit from the project include Nyabisiungororo, Omolungam, Riobonyo, Tendere, Magena and Nyamache junction.

Source: Kenya News Agency