Leopard mauls 7 pigs in Bureti village

A farmer in Monoru village Kisiara location in Bureti, Kericho County is counting his losses after a leopard is suspected to have killed seven of his pigs yesterday.

Area chief Mr. Richard Kipkemoi Ng’eno said that the wild animal attacked and killed all seven pigs belonging to Geoffrey Marusoi on Saturday night.

Chief Ng’eno told KNA that the animal gained entry to the sty and killed each of the seven pigs by suffocating them.

”The beast then tore each of the pigs’ stomachs and ate the intestines. The wild animal seems to have only been targeting the soft parts of the carcass,” Chief Ng’eno added.

The farmer estimated his loss at Sh. 40,000. He appealed to the Kenya Wild Life Service to come to his aid and compensate him since that was his only source of livelihood.

Following the attack, the KWS personal moved to Marusoi’s homestead and laid a trap in a bid to capture the suspected killer animal.

Chief Ng’eno speaking this morning to KNA on phone said that its now 12 hours since the trap was laid but the killer big cat is yet to appear or come near but hopeful that it’s only a matter of time before the animal is captured as it is expected to make another visit.

Chief Ng’eno said that some five years ago a similar attack occurred in the area where a farmer lost three sheep. He said that wild animals from Ngoino forest between Bureti and Nyamira Sub Counties have been straying into people’s homes during the dry and rainy seasons.

Source: Kenya News Agency