Legislator launches program to connect constituents to the national grid

Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has launched an ambitious constituency street lighting and home electrification program aimed at connecting all homes to the national grid within his first tenure in office.

Speaking at Kiganjo estate in the outskirts of Thika town during the launch of the program Tuesday, Wainaina vowed to ensure that he prioritizes infrastructure development as a key pillar to boost the economy and create employment in the Sub-County.

By providing electricity to every street and every homestead, we will ensure that people are able to do their businesses throughout and facilitate a 24 hour economy, he said.

The legislator pointed out that the programme would improve the quality of life for citizens by enhancing security and night-time business activities.

He called on those people whose homes were not connected to electricity to apply through their area coordinators or liaise with his office for assistance.

Wainaina lamented that cases of insecurity that have hit Thika town and its environs in the recent past were disturbing.

He said that his administration was working out a permanent solution to address insecurity and promised visible outcomes within the shortest time possible.

He lamented that Thika town has lost four prominent businessmen through armed crime in the last six months saying that he would not allow the trend to continue.

He promised that he would personally institute changes within the local security echelons with immediate effect.

There is no way we can be talking about instituting a 24-hour economy if our people continue to operate under fear of attack by armed gangsters. We need committed police officers and an uncompromised judiciary to maintain the confidence of the people, he stressed.

The MP however maintained that he would continue cooperating with the area security agencies to ensure they worked in a conducive environment that could compel them to deliver services to the members of the public.

Engineer Wainaina called on members of public to cooperate with law enforcement officers to contain juvenile gangs that have emerged in their areas, noting that the issue of security was a collective responsibility.

He raised concerns over residents’ failure to expose bad elements operating within them adding that covering up for known criminals who operated amongst them was endangering other community members.

We are raising a rotten society if we shy away from exposing this security menace, concluded Wainaina.

Source: Kenya News Agency