Legislator calls for speedy investigations of fire incident.

Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi has instructed police to move with speed and investigate a fire incident at Kwanza Girls’ High school.

The MP said the fire incident where the school’s administration block was razed down on Sunday night was suspect.

Why only the administration block caught fire and not other buildings? he questioned and asked police to assess its cause.

The Legislator asked the Board of Management of schools to ensure they provided security to school property arguing that was part of their mandate.

According to the Principal Mrs. Jamana MejaTuti, the cause of the fire is unknown but confirmed that it started at 2 am on Sunday night.

She said she was alerted by the watchman who has since gone into hiding but said the when she arrived the building had already been burnt down.

Among items lost in the inferno included financial documents, other school documents, a television set for student’s entertainment, school lab equipment, teacher’s schemes of work, and examination results among other things.

The principal put the cost of items lost in the inferno at sh. 2.5million.

She asked well-wishers to step in and assist the school.

The girls’ school has population 260 students and was established in 2014.

Source: Kenya News Agency