Legislator accuses opponent of defacing Kenya power poles

Thika Town Member of Parliament(MP), Alice Ng’ang’a, has lodged an official complaint at the Thika Police Station, accusing her strongest contender on Independent candidate, Engineer Patrick Wainana (Wa Jungle) and his campaign team of defacing Government funded last mile electricity poles within Thika town..

Ng’ang’a alleged that Wainaina, in a bid to seek political mileage, his campaign team has painted electricity poles around Makongeni,Ngoingwa and Thika town streets his campaign colors to create an impression that he was the one undertaking the street lighting project.

As the incumbent the responsibility to safeguard National Government development projects is bestowed upon my office and there is no way I am going to sit and watch an individual take credit for what he has not done, she said.

Speaking after registering her complaint at the Thika Police Station, the MP said that residents woke up on Saturday morning to find the Kenya power erected posts painted with campaign colours of her opponent, and she was, therefore, calling upon the security agents to investigate and take the necessary actions.

Area OCPD, Bernard Ayoo, confirmed that the legislator had made an official complaint and he had already dispatched officers to go to the ground and verify the accusations

He explained that the Electoral Offences Act and Code of Conduct had been availed to all aspiring candidates and they knew what was expected of them and what action can be taken against them in event of contravention.

We have initiated our investigations and we will take action against the offenders, we will also call upon Kenya Power who is the main player to guide us on way forward.

But in a quick rejoinder, Wainaina denied defacing the electricity posts and accused the legislator of attempts to use the security agents to intimidate him in an attempt to silence his onslaught.

The MP has sensed defeat and is trying to use anything in her power to intimidate my campaign team. I will not be surprised that her team defaced the posts and wants to blame it on us. We respect government projects and give credit to both the County and National Government for development projects initiated in this area, and we have no intentions of interfering with any of these projects, he quipped.

He called on the MP to practice mature politics and stop maligning his name in the corridors of power, and allow the aggrieved Company to initiate investigations so that they can get the real culprits.

Source: Kenya News Agency