Learning disrupted in Enemase Primary School in Transmara West

Learning failed to take off at Enemase Primary School in Transmara West in Narok County on the first day of this term after parents closed the gates on Monday demanding the transfer of teachers at the school.

The parents were protesting against the poor performance of school in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations whose results were released last week.

The parents kept their children at home and staged a sit-in at the school gate and vowed to paralyze learning in the school until the Ministry of Education transferred the head teacher, his deputy and other teachers from the school and post new teachers in their place.

Carrying twigs and chanting slogans, the parents accused the school management and the teachers of laxity and absenteeism which has resulted in the poor performance.

Area OCPD, Alfred Muthua who confirmed the incident led a team of security personnel to the area to try and calm the situation.

Contacted for comment, Narok County Teachers` Service Commission (TSC) Deputy Director, Lesayo Megiri urged parents to work with the teachers in improving their schools saying education requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

“Demonstrations cannot solve the problem and any parents who have an issue with their school should visit their nearest education office and lodge a complaint in order for investigations to be carried out to establish the cause of the problem,” Megiri said.

He admitted that although education in the public primary schools was facing various challenges, a lot had been done and achieved to improve the standards of educations in the county.

The county is facing a shortage of 2,476 teachers in all its primary schools. The TSC County Deputy Director revealed that the teacher to pupil ratio in primary schools is about 1:70 which is against recommended ratio of 1:40 for effective learning and this is just one of the many challenges the public schools are facing.

By Mabel Keya