Learning centre for disadvantaged children launched in Malindi.

Orphaned children in Malindi will now have a new school after the Catholic Diocese of Malindi with support from well wishers launched the ‘Learning Hub’ last evening in Kijiwetanga area of Malindi.

The institution which will provide for the educational needs of close to fifty orphaned children from the Imani Children Home in Malindi is expected to be one of the top performing schools in the years to come, this is according to the Director of the institution, M’s De Bola, an Italian resident in Malindi.

According to M’s Bola, the Learning Hub is expected to be a much better institution in the next five years if many sponsors are willing to sponsor the education of the children at the centre thereby complimenting the work of the Diocese.

“We have high hopes that the Learning Hub one day will be among the top academic centers in Kenya that will be producing the best results,” Bola stated.

During the launch last evening, Malindi academician, Professor Abdalla Said Naji, emphasized it was important that children were nurtured in a peaceful and friendly environment that would enable them to grow into responsible adults.

Professor Naji decried the increasing cases of truancy in society, observing that Malindi was on the security radar for criminal activities being carried out by young members of the society.

Naji commended the Catholic Church for its promotion of education in the entire country and called upon well wishers to support the learning of disadvantaged children in society.

Sponsors can support the education of the orphaned children at a cost of Kshs. 30,000 per year which will cater for all the needs of a child.

By Onesmus Ngallah