Learners urged to put more effort in education

Kenyan youth have urged to embrace education in a bid to compete favourably for jobs with other learners elsewhere, and deliver Africa from neo-colonialism.

Addressing students and parents during education day at Kisii Boys’ National School on Friday , Director and CEO of Kenya School of law Prof. Patrick Lumumba said standards of education all over the world had gone up, and Kenyan youth had to put more effort to compete with their counterparts in other parts of the continent.

Lumumba lauded learners for accepting positive change in the education sector saying it was the only way to change education standards in the country.

He said focus by young people in their learning would enable the country and Africa at large to realise vision 2030 and the millennium goals.

Quoting former Tanzania President Julius Nyerere in 1997, the renowned lawyer said the secret and aspiration of any good government is to have youth who are determined to fight bad governance to improve welfare of the people.

He appealed to young people to be resolute in their aspiration to make positive change in the society by fighting corruption, ignorance, unemployment and other ills which bedevil the society.

The Regional Education Coordinator Richard Chepkaway urged parents to take responsibility of shaping the behavior of their children and not to leave it to others.

Representing Education CS Dr. Fred Matiangi, Chepkaway said the government would soon disburse S00m meant for completion of the institution resource centre.

He urged parents to pay school fees promptly to enable school activities to run smoothly.

Source: Kenya News Agency