Leaders urged to construct home for the elderly

Elderly people in Samburu County are calling on area religious and political leaders to build a home for them in the county.

The more than 500 senior citizens lamented that they were neglected by their families and society during old age leaving them vulnerable to diseases and natural calamities.

Speaking after receiving supplementary food in Maralal town, they called on the county religious and political leadership to construct a home to be easier for them to get special attention.

70 year old Doris Lenduda told KNA that she has been bedridden for the last ten years and has become a burden to her family.

I need special attention all the time and it’s impossible for my family to give it to me since my grandchildren are in school and my children are working. Whenever there is free food for the elderly I have to be carried there, she said.

Lenduda said that if a home for the elderly is constructed in the county it would be a permanent solution for poor families which have to take care of their elderly members.

The vulnerable lot which has also been affected by floods in the ongoing rains in the region received maize flour, rice, sorghum and beans.

They however called upon the government through the office of the area woman representative Maison Leshoomo to assist them with household goods which were swept away by floods.

We have been relying on help from well-wishers, when it rains our houses are swept away by floods, when the rain stops our livestock die from hunger, said Rose Lepina

They lamented that Samburu county woman Representative Maison Leshoomo shoulders the burden of feeding the sick and elderly and called on local politicians to chip in and help the vulnerable.

Elizabeth Leleruk who works at the office of the woman rep said that they had distributed supplementary food to people living with HIV as well as elders who are severely affected by poverty and diseases.

Some have young children, they are breastfeeding mothers and they are on drugs and that is why we have given them supplementary food and ujimix for their children, she said.

Francis Lesilampa, said that the more than five hundred residents have been receiving food stuffs from the office of the woman rep every one Sunday of the month for the last ten years.

In a recent survey, Samburu County was classified among top three of the poorest counties in Kenya.

Source: Kenya News Agency