Leaders urged to be role models

The Kirinyaga Diocese Anglican Church Bishop, Joseph Kibucwa has attributed the rot in the society to politicians who have failed to live up to their expectations.

Speaking in Kerugoya on Sunday, Kibucwa said community elders have also neglected their role of giving counsel to the youth.

He said the recent incidents of high corruption involving the importation of sugar, Kenya power and fertilizer was bad examples to the youth.

The Bishop said youth learn more from imitating their leaders and therefore the need for the leaders to inculcate the culture of hard work rather than stealing from the public.

Unfortunately even the church has failed to provide the leadership with many of the leaders hungry for wealth, he said

Kibucwa said the society has lost direction and it is the role of the church to guide them back to godliness. We are exploring the possibility of establishing alcohol rehabilitation centers in the county to help thousands of men hooked into alcoholism, he said.

He said alcohol was the most abused substance among men in the area noting unless the problem is urgently addressed, it will completely hinder development.

The Bishop said that a survey conducted two years ago indicated that nearly 65 percent of homesteads were headed by women since men have abdicated their marital duties. Majority of youth has been hooked in alcohol and unless they are rehabilitated we might lose a generation to drugs, said the Bishop.

The children lacked male role models to emulate due to the absence of father figures in today’s homes, he said.

Kibucwa said the church was in the front line to educate the public on the ills brought about by miraa trade. Miraa is not a business but a threat to our people and this must be made clear even to our leaders, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency