Leaders criticize council of elders

Leaders from Isiolo County have criticized recent decision by a section of Borana council of elders for endorsing a particular gubernatorial aspirant in the forthcoming general election.

The Borana council of elders had earlier claimed that the gubernatorial seat must be retained by their kinsman arguing that they are the majority in the County.

The elders’ chairman, Abdullahi Hajj Gonjobe had called upon the electorate in the County to vote for the sitting governor Godana Doyo.

Consequently, 250 elders from six Borana sub-tribes have rejected the endorsement of Doyo made by the Borana Council of Elders three days ago.

Led by Jubilee Party’s Presidential campaigner, Dr. Abduba Sama and former chairman of Isiolo County Council Hussein Abduba on Sunday, they said the council of elders does not have mandate to endorse any candidate for any elective post.

Dr. Sama who is the founder member of Borana Council of Elders said the current council members were in office illegally and cannot be recognized until fresh elections are held.

The members have demonstrated that they are not there for the interest of the community but for a political leader who has failed to deliver services required of him and his administration, Dr. Sama said.

Abduba appealed to the security organs to investigate council of elders’ statement which he alleged was made by the self proclaimed chairman since Isiolo has all the 43 tribes in Kenya arguing Gonjobe’s remarks were ‘a security threat’.

One of the aspirants for governor’s seat, Adan Kabelo (ODM) said the Borana Council of Elders should desist from giving political directions since the members seem to be biased.

Kabelo asked the elders to resolve problems affecting the residents of the recent conflict areas between Kinna in Isiolo and Kiutine in Meru County instead of endorsing people who are already in the ballot papers.

Governor’s seat aspirants, Dr. Mohamed Kuti (Independent) and Abdul Bahari Ali (Jubilee) joined parliamentary aspirants, Abdi Godana (Independent), Joseph Samal (Jubilee) and Ms. Lucy Mworia (Independent) to reject the elders’ endorsement of the sitting governor.

Source: Kenya News Agency