Leaders are not honouring their vow to protect the Constitution


The saying “a fish rots from the head” describes the state of our country.

The fight against corruption cannot start from the grassroots, as our leaders try to tell us because they preach water and drink wine.

When the rich and big fish are involved in corruption, the law is manipulated to favour them.

The Jubilee administration’s reaction to the corruption allegations in the Ministry of Devolution under Ms Anne Waiguru is disturbing.

It is painful to watch Jubilee legislators defend her despite the fact that her ministry has lost huge amounts of money.

Why is Jubilee reluctant to have her step aside to allow investigations? Are the MPs upholding the Constitution as they vowed to?

Article 152 (6) of our Constitution prescribes that a Cabinet secretary can be removed from office on grounds of gross violation of a provision of the Constitution.

Hasn’t Ms Waiguru violated this law? Why is the President taking long to tell her to step aside?

It is difficult to fight corruption if MPs defend the culprits simply because they are affiliated to their political parties.

This tyranny of numbers will take us nowhere.

The ordinary citizen is powerless to fight corruption. Instead we wait for our elected leaders to act on our behalf.

Methinks our legislators are not representing our interest.

The so-called fight against corruption is just a drama. I am waiting for my MP to come to our constituency to ask our views on this issue instead of just giving his own views.