Leaders appeal for animal feeds as drought claims more animals

A section of leaders from Goreale Ward, Lagdera constituency in Garissa County have appealed to both the county and national government to supply animal fodder as more animals continue to die from the biting drought in the area.

Addressing the press in Shantaabaq Sunday, area MCA Abdurhaman Mohamed Idris said the national government should take the lead by teaming up with the county government and other aid agencies to alleviate suffering by the residents.

The drought is in its final stages. It has claimed the lives of hundreds of our livestock. We urgently need increased water tracking and food supply for both our animals and human beings, Idris said.

He continued the distance between where animals can find water and pasture are growing by the day. We want these gaps to be bridged to save the few remaining animals from dying due to long distance they have to move daily in search of these precious commodities.

Former area councilor Rashid Garane said most of the pastoralists have crossed the border to war-torn Somalia in search of water and pasture as the dwindling resources could no longer sustain their livestock.

The situation is dire and seems to be worsening by the day. We are appealing for interventions measures from the government and other aid agencies, Garane said.

A spot check by KNA shows that fresh carcasses of sheep and cattle, that are worst hit, are strewn along the paths as they are too weak to make it to watering points or pasture grounds.

No lose of human lives have been reported, though the leaders assert that if nothing is done fast to reverse these trend lives are at stake.

In his maiden speech when opening the second Garissa county assembly in September, area governor Ali Korane said that his administration will undertake water tracking and other intervention measures in the worst hit areas as soon as possible.

Korane added that he will seek support from the national government and other development partners.

According to the Garissa County National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) the worst hit areas include Balambala, Lagdera and Dadaab sub-counties.

The problem has been aggravated by the failure by successive long rains.

Source: Kenya News Agency