Lawyers differ on quest to amend the constitution

The quest by the opposition leaders and self-proclaimed National resistance movement to amend the constitution is likely to create political intolerance to destabilize the government.

Speaking to KNA at Kiambu Law Court Mr. Nicholas Mbatia, a lawyer, said politicians and wananchi should not cause unnecessary expenses of getting into an exercise of amending the constitution.

He said handlers of the opposition have jumped the gun in suggesting the amendment of the constitution adding that Kenya was not ready for another political session experienced during last year’s elections held on August 8 and the repeat Presidential election held on October 26 respectively.

Mr. Mbatia noted that the opposition needed a majority in the National Assembly to adopt the bill intended to change the constitution promulgated on August 2010 which they do not have.

He said the eight year constitution does not require amendment since full implementation was achieved recently and the intention for the opposition is to secure slots in government.

Mr. Otieno Oyieke, another lawyer, opined that an amendment to the constitution can be proposed by a popular initiative.

He explained that if 24 county assemblies approved the bill within three months after the date submitted by the commission, the speaker will deliver a copy to the speakers of both houses.

He said although the opposition has the minority in parliament, the people’s assembly would be their alternative to ensure they collect one million signatures from registered voters to push for an amendment

Source: Kenya News Agency