Launch of Registration Exercise for 70+ elders

The principal secretary for correctional services ambassador Richard Ekai on Tuesday presided over the launch of registration exercise for elders above 70 years ahead of the proposed welfare programme under the Jubilee manifesto.

The programme envisages to offer enlisted elders a monthly stipends to support senior citizens their old age.

Speaking at the event, Ekai appealed for an increase in the registration time from two months because of the vastness of the area.

The county is large and we need to have more time because of its vastness, S

On her part, Lilian Karinga from social protection unit said the ministry is supporting orphans, persons with disability, elderly over 65 years adding that with the launch all elderly above 70 years will be eligible.

Both husband and wife can be registered as long as they have reached 70 years.

Start payment for those above 70 years next January to ensure we capture all elders in this age bracket.

She added that payments ongoing for those already captured.

County commissioner Seif Matata told the PS to convey the thanks of the residents to the president.

Major role of any government is to address the needs of its citizens, the program for those above 70 years will help the elderly support their lives in their old age, said Matata.

He added that registration exercise will be ongoing for the next two months.

The county commsioner directed chiefs and partners to ensure all elderly persons above 70 years are registered.

Other partners likely Help Age International and National drought Managemnet authority were also represented in the launch.

Help Age international county coordinator Ekunyuk Peter said the organization will continue to advocate issues of the elderly.

Welfare of the elderly is a humanitarian issue and we have drafted a manual on targeting of the beneficiaries that has been embraced by the government, said Ekunyuk.

The inclusion of the eldelrt people above 70 years, he said is a testament the government has acknowledged that the aged are important in the society and that they deserve to be treated with dignity.

Source: Kenya News Agency