Lari AP officer is probed for killer blow on resident


A police officer is being investigated over the death of a 65-year-old man in Kambaa village in Lari constituency.

Resident Jonathan Karanja was attacked by Constable George Githaiga at the Lari AP Camp canteen on October 31 and died on November 8 while receiving treatment at the AIC Kijabe Hospital ICU.

The officer allegedly arrived at the canteen drunk, hurled insults at customers and when Karanja asked him to leave them in peace, he beat him up.

Karanja’s wife Susan Njeri said witnesses told her that when other patrons tried to rescue her husband, the officer pushed him to the cemented floor so hard he became unconscious.

“Some customers knew him and they rushed home to call us since we don’t live very far away. We came and found the officer stepping on my husband’s head, saying he doesn’t fear anyone, even being sacked,” she said.

Speaking at her home, Njeri said the officer refused to let her take Karanja to hospital.

She said his seniors arrived and ordered that Karanja be taken to hospital.

She rushed him to Kambaa Catholic Church dispensary before he was transferred to AIC Kijabe Hospital.

Residents are asking the government to discipline the officers who tried to cover up the case by threatening witnesses.

“Even though some of us have recorded statements, some APs wanted us to discuss what to write in the statement,” said a witness who sought anonymity.

Area MP Mburu Kahangara condemned the incident saying he is following the case.

“I’m encouraging every witness to record their statements without fear. We are following every step being taken and want to see justice done,” he said.

Speaking to the press yesterday, acting police boss Dorothy Nahashon said a postmortem is being done and Githaiga will be charged with murder once investigations are complete.