Lands CS assures residents of better services at the Kajiado lands Registry

The Lands Cabinet Secretary (CS), Farida Karoney has assured Kajiado residents of better services at the County’s Lands Registry once the digitization of lands processes was completed.

Speaking to KNA in Kajiado on Monday, the CS noted that the lands’ digitization process that was already on course would eventually seal loop holes that rogue land brokers in collusion with a few corrupt registry officials had always used to fleece unsuspecting residents.

If anybody wants to do a search or check the status of his plot, it will now be easy and efficient since he will not have to make trips to the office to check whether his land is safe. Everything shall be on our secured online platform where you just log in and you find all details and status of your property. The issue of rogue land brokers will be a thing of the past, said the CS.

Karoney said the migration of the land information management system to the digital platform would also increase the speed of delivery of government services.

The digitization of all land records will reduce the turnaround time for land transactions in the country. We are keen on abolishing manual procedures for services that can be obtained online. Most land transactions will be available at the click of a button, she added.

According to the Lands CS, a digital land registry would also help improve service and boost government revenues.

The government has been losing revenue under the manual land registry. With online- only land transactions, the government will be able to close existing loopholes that have resulted in leakage of revenue, Karoney added.

The busy Kajiado Land Registry has in recent years found itself on the receiving end with registry officials being accused of being incompetent and unethical. In 2017, land dealers attempted to break into the registry to correct the mess inside there.

We have listened to an array of issues voiced by residents that we have engaged with today including the allegations of corruption in the land registry itself. These are not matters that we are taking lightly. The ministry will ensure that corruption is fought to its knees so that Kajiado residents can get better services, the CS said.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) raided Kajiado Land Registry in 2016 and recovered at least Sh.1, 000, 000 that could not be explained by various individuals working there.

Some fake title deeds were also recovered from a nearby cyber cafe whose owner(s) allegedly colluded with registry officials to rob unsuspecting residents of their property.

Source: Kenya News Agency