Land CEC put to task over Mwea Scheme allocations

Embu Lands Executive Josphat Kithumbu was Tuesday put to task to explain why he should retain his job, yet he allegedly oversaw the unfair sub-divisions and allocations of the Mwea scheme land.

Kithumbu, a nominee for the same position could not convince the County Assembly committee on Appointments after they pressed him to explain why ‘outsiders’ were allocated land yet residents missed out.

Questions were also asked on why he rushed the process despite objection by leaders and locals after revelation that their land was to be given to outsiders.

Kithumbu said the process was legal, beyond reproach and he was satisfied that in the two years as the Land CEC, he managed to break the deadlock of subdividing the land.

He said he had been accused unfairly, claiming he did not allocate land to anyone or come up with a list of beneficiaries.

He said allocation of land was done by National Land Commission in collaboration with the Interior Ministry and guidance by the Attorney General adding that beneficiaries were identified by local leaders.

He promised to work with local leaders to identify residents who missed out during the allocations to be considered in the second round of subdivisions.

Mbeti North MCA Peter Mureithi, said the process has caused a lot of pain, conflict and possible violence and Kithumbu should have listened to the local leaders.

Why do you claim that you were satisfied with a process that has caused tears, fear uncertainty, anxiety and might likely cause violence in that area? Why were you in a hurry despite opposition from locals? he posed.

Philip Nzangi, the Makima MCA, where most of the Mwea land scheme lies, asked the committee not to recommend Kithumbu until an audit on the process of Mwea scheme land allocations is done.

Mwea MCA Harrison Mwakulo has asked the committee not to consider Kithumbu, saying he was guilty of facilitating an unfair and sham process.

Five nominees including former Alliance Boys Principal David Kariuki, a Trade Executive nominee was vetted, with another five expected to be vetted Wednesday.

Source: Kenya News Agency