Lancet Kenya diversifies into animal health market

A laboratory services company, Pathologists Lancet Kenya, has partnered with IDEXX Laboratories, a global firm in the field of animal health.

The deal will see Lancet Kenya start providing laboratory testing services for livestock and pets.

The strategy is expected to give Lancet Kenya an entry into the veterinary testing market that is largely untapped in Kenya although the demand for such services is significant.

Lancet Kenya, which has over 35 branches in the country, has also introduced a system for supplying consumables and IDEXX-customised rapid tests to vets for convenient use within their clinics or in the field.


“Some vets have been approaching laboratories that are meant for testing human samples seeking essential basic tests in order to properly diagnose and treat their animal patients appropriately. But they often meet disappointments since human laboratories are not calibrated for animal testing,” CEO of Pathologists Lancet Kenya, Dr Ahmed Kalebi, said on Thursday.

Mr Kalebi said that many vets often opt to treat their animal patients based on outward symptoms without the benefit of evidence-based laboratory testing.

These diagnostic services will be available to vets, who attend to small and companion animal owners, poultry and dairy farmers, vet public health, wildlife services and vet scientists.


Lancet Kenya has commissioned an IDEXX-equipped referral laboratory, in Nairobi, which will run routine and specialised referral tests required by vets across the country.

Samples will be collected through the firm’s existing branch network and courier links, brought to Nairobi for specialised tests and results transmitted through online or mobile platforms to vets who previously had no access to these specialised services.

Rare and highly specialised tests will be handled in conjunction with IDEXX reference laboratories and other testing centres in South Africa, which are internationally accredited.