Lamu County government demands an increase of Sh.2.6 billion annual budgetary allocation

Lamu County government has called for an increase in its yearly budgetary allocation from Sh.2.4 billion to Sh.4 billion to adequately handle its development needs.

The Lamu County Deputy Governor, Abdulhakim Aboud Bwana who spoke to KNA on Thursday in Lamu stated that the County continues to lag behind in comparison to other counties due to the low allocation that the County government receives from the national government.

Most of the County’s budget goes towards paying salaries and the amount of money that remains is not enough to solve the socio economic challenges afflicting Lamu County that has been marginalised since independence, Bwana stated.

He further said that the Sh.2.4 billion was not enough to resolve issues such as poor access to clean water, provision of roads and building of schools that were vital for poverty alleviation in Lamu.

When the national government worked on the CBA formula for allocating the national cake, the technocrats concerned did not take into account the logistical challenges facing Lamu which has a diverse geographical land scape, the deputy governor stated.

He further said that Lamu has more than three islands and a mainland area which have never been budgeted for in past regimes and there remained an urgent need to boost the provision.

He further stated that Lamu residents also needed to provide the correct information during census, which he said would provide a true picture over the plight of most Lamu households.

A large percentage of Lamu residents are suffering with most not able to afford basic services such as health and education, he stated.

He said that the cost of development is in dire need of a boost through an increase in the county’s budgetary allocation.

A close scrutiny of the 2015/2016 Auditor General’s report however, revealed that the Lamu County government was not able to make use of at least Sh.789 million which was eventually returned back to the Treasury.

In a previous interview with KNA after his first 100 days in office, Lamu governor, Fahim Twaha revealed that the previous County government administration could not account for Sh.250 million that was allegedly used for development projects.

Source: Kenya News Agency