Lamu Chief Decries Rising Cases of Fathers Defiling Daughters

Several girls aged 10 to 15 in Hindi, Lamu county, have been forced to have sex with their fathers, area chief Abdalla Shahasi has said.

He said some of the men have impregnated and had children with their daughters.

Shahasi said most victims reported they were beaten, denied food or drugged whenever they resisted their fathers’ sexual advances.

“One of the girls told us how her father would drug her in order to achieve his intentions. She had very bad wounds on her back as a result of beatings she received whenever she tried to resist his advances,” he said.

The chief said about 20 cases are reported a month but arrests have been hindered by family members’ refusal to testify.

Three are due in court amid investigations on the others, he said.

“Our only challenge is that many victims and mothers who witness such acts are too afraid and ashamed to testify,” he said.

“It is hard to teach such men a lesson if the community does not stand up to shame them without fear.”

Saying an operation to arrest suspects is ongoing, he urged the public to volunteer information and testify in court.

Residents who spoke to the Star said the vice is on the rise; records at the chief’s office cite Bobo, Ndeu, Sabasaba and Roka Kibiboni as the most affected areas.

“Here in Hindi, men have made it normal for a father to sleep with his own children. We just watch our men get intimate with their own children because we want to stay married,” a woman said.

She said it is difficult to curb the habit.