Lake Victoria fishermen seek police help against pirates

Fishermen from Migori County have called on the National Police Service to scale up patrols along Lake Victoria to deal with pirates interfering with their work.

They also urged the Force to establish more police posts along the lake shores with a view to boost security in the region.

The Region’s fishermen leader, Charles Omollo said yesterday that the state must also initiate serious bilateral talks with the two neighbouring countries, Uganda and Tanzania on how a smooth lake policing can be conducted to save fishermen from thugs in the lake.

We want the police force to up surveillance in the lake so that we fishermen can go about our activities without fears of risking our lives and property to pirates roaming the lake, he said.

Omollo claimed that fishermen had lost millions of shillings in fish and fishing gears forcefully taken away from by pirates in the past few weeks.

Speaking in Migori town, the fishermen’s boss complained that they have been left by the police to suffer in the hands of thugs who attack them at will.

While the government had previously tried unsuccessfully to address the attacks perpetrated against us by these pirates in the lake, now there is more urgency than before to make similar efforts to wipe out the crime, said Omollo.

The fishermen explained that however much they try to eke a good living out of their fishing business, the piracy menace becomes a hindrance.

Contacted, Migori County Police Commander (CPC), Joseph Nthenge said they were not sparing any effort to ensure fishermen operate in a secure environment.

He urged the local fishermen not to stray into the foreign waters where they could be attacked easily by the pirates.

Source: Kenya News Agency