Labour policies and laws to be reviewed to address recurrent strikes

State Department for Labour is in the process of reviewing labour policies and laws to align them to the Constitution and emerging issues in labour industry.

The Labour Principal Secretary (PS), Dr. Khadijah Kassachoon said the review will help to address recurrent labour disputes being experienced in the country.

Kassachoon was speaking on Friday at her office, when she received 25 newly recruited labour administrators who have already completed eight months induction course.

The PS lamented that the increasing labour strikes were affecting production and economic growth of the country, while advising that labour disputes should be solved amicably.

In the recent past, we have witnessed a number of strikes in the public sector and we should act swiftly to resolve the strikes for economic growth, she said.

Kassachoon underscored the importance of labour administration, saying it is crucial in the economic development of a country by promotion of industrial peace, which is the main enabler for achievement of the government’s ‘Big Four’agenda.

The PS advised the newly recruited administrators to promote industrial peace and act decisively on labour disputes, while cautioning them against engaging in corruption.

She urged the recruits to fight evils in the labour industry, including child protection, trafficking of persons, and labour migration among others.

The PS regretted that the Department faced acute shortage of the labour officers to handle high demand of labour services across the country.

The officers will be deployed to County Headquarters across the County.

Source: Kenya News Agency