KWS support the eradication of Indian crows in the Coast region

The Malindi Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Senior Warden, Ms. Jane Gitau has asked Mombasa County government to go ahead in its proposal to eradicate Indian crows (kunguru).

Ms. Gitau said the crows were a threat to attractive birds and the environment in the Coast region.

Speaking to the press on telephone on Tuesday, Ms. Gitau said Indian crows have destroyed the environment in the Coast region and were undermining the tourist destinations in the Coast.

She said some birds, which are attractive to tourists, are being eaten by the Indian crows, adding that they were also a nuisance to tourists.

Gitau appealed to other governors in the Coast region, in particular along the Coastal line like Kilifi, Kwale and Lamu to buy the proposal of Mombasa County, with a view to promoting tourism in the area.

She further said fishermen along the sea show are experiencing serious challenges from the crows which normally attack the fishermen to get access to the fish and eat them.

Gitau also appealed to area residents to keep their environment clean, saying this will keep at bay the Indian crows.

Source: Kenya News Agency